Recall: The evolutions of the same version (Ex: 6, 6.1, 6.2, 6.n) are free for the possessors of the complete version, they permit the correction of possible bug at a time and to benefit from complementary functionalities of the version used.

Evolution to come:


Quickworkbook v7 is planned for it (last quarter 2017)


Evolution on the version 7

- To add a commentary or a file text to every photo of a diaporama (VISUEL v4.1), the couple photo / Text is sent together at the time of an expedition toward a recipient, ideal for a complement of information transmitted in case of need, associated to every photo.
- Visionneuse html of inclusive diaporama automatically in every expedition of photos toward a recipient, permit a fast visualization thus in the received photo navigator.
- possibility of a personal identification with one his/her/its MPS for every opening of Quickworkbook v7, to limit or not the access in Quickworkbook to the previous users, this functionality is only accessible for the administrator.
So the administrator can limit for one moment (indefinite time) the access to these spaces that for the previous users.
- consultation or modification of the information associated to every photo in case of need.
- selection of another compression tool that the tool by default (Example: Winzip or WinRAR).
- selection of the tools to daily use (Paramétrage) in order to alleviate the main interface.
- Allègement of the stationary menus by menu emerging.
- correction of minor Bug.
- other


Updating of Quickworkbook v 6.3 (Available).

Note: this updating free ets for the possessors of the complete version

New functionalities:

- Access to the list of the folders secured created with his/her/its personal MP Favors: Secret file recall created, in the case of the user's oblivion.

- Access to the files (My documents, Pictures and Videos) directly in Arborescence for the display of the pictures and videos included.
- Other…

On all tools of QWB v6.3 Pro:
- Addition of the function (to slip / to Put down) in all tools of Quickworkbook v6.3 Pro

Tool of storage:

- Selection or not of another compression tool that the tool already available in the tool of storage (Example: Winzip).
Advantage: faster compression of the coins files or under folders.
- Choice of the selection or not of the storage of the folders in the ZIP format in a space secured by password.
- Creation and addition of ZIP archives already created, in an empty archive permitting the regrouping of archives.
Example: ideal for a final ranging of archives per year or by customer.

- Correction of minor Bug..


- Access to the files (My documents, Pictures and Videos) directly in Arborescence for the display of the pictures and videos included.


Quickworkbook v6.2 Pro foreseen for September 2017 (available) .

Extension of functionalities of the space Administration
• Sauvegarde on an external unit, of all secured spaces created.
• Restoration of one or several spaces secured to the administrator's will.

Space creation and use of the folders secured
• Redimensionnement of the video according to format interface.
• extended Import of the files, under files and files in one only to slip / to Put down.
• Creation of folder and their space secured on support external C: + D: + E:, USB…., permitting an individual safeguard on removable disk (Example: USB key).

VISUAL v3 integrated from the version 6.2 Pro of Quickworkbook

Quickworkbook v6.3 Pro foreseen for end 2017
Note: this updating free ets for the possessors of the complete version

Quickworkbook v6 Pro foreseen for July 2017 (available)


What again in the version 6 Pro:


Administrator of passwords (multi user).

Obiettivo: permettere l'utilizzazione di Quickworkbook ai multipli utenti pure preservandoloro l'accesso ad essi distanzia sécurisé, così ogni utente può accedere indipendentemente ai suoi propri spazi sécurisés di quelli degli altri.

- Ogni utente potrà utilizzare la sua propria parola di ordine per accedere ai suoi spazi sécurisés in ogni indipendenza, sicurezza assicurata di un utente ad un altro.
- Modifica di una parola di ordine in caso di bisogno.
- In caso di bisogno, un utente potrà chiedere all'amministratore del sistema il réinitialisation di una parola di ordine dopo identificazione.

Esempio: trasmissione del maglio associato al raccoglitore o della parola di ordine anteriore.
- La possibilità di creare in 2 clic un spazio sécurisé in uno o parecchi repertori della stazione di lavoro, indipendentemente dei raccoglitori creati sotto Quickworkbook.

Vantaggio: Creare i suoi propri spazi sécurisés o si vuole sulla stazione di lavoro dell'utente.

Amministrazione delle parole di ordine:
- Un sessione amministratore è creato fin dalla prima utilizzazione di Quickworkbook Pro, avrà accesso a tutte le parole di ordine esistenti creato dalla prima utilizzazione per accedere a tutti gli spazi sécurisés creato in caso di perdita tra altri.

- Ricerca di una parola di ordine, di un Maglio o di un raccoglitore per (parola di ordine) nell'elenco dei raccoglitori già creato o nello storico giornaliero.
- Consultazione o modifica della parola di ordine o Maglio di ogni spazio secured.

Vantaggio: In caso di assenza o di partenza di un utente, un amministratore potrà accedere ai suoi spazi sécurisés in caso di bisogno.


Quickworkbook v6 Pro (Multi-utente), Teletrasmesso volte : Quickworkbook v6 Pro Multi-utilisateur (Beta)

The version 6 of Quickworkbook (available).

Some improvements make on this version:

Simplification and most current manipulation improvement, backing on the security of the data.


The version 6 of quickworkbook has been developed on two essential axes (security and navigation).
The sensitive data security is an asset regimental adjutant in the administration of the data.
To forbid all access to the data to a non authorized intruder assures a good protection of the data, this while creating a space secured in every accessible folder by password.
Invisible even under explorer Windows, this solution is ideal for all type of documents to secure.

Quickworkbook version 6 now prepares an explorer of folder similar to explorer Windows (file / under file) this improving the presentation and the organization of the folders strongly.
- Sécurisation of the folders by passwords, the version 6 of Quickworkbook reinforced the sécurisation of the data while permitting the creation of a space secured in every folder with access by password.
The content of every folder (files and under - file) are secured being only accessible after identification by password thus.
Note: The password is modifiable after identification, so only the administrator of his/her/its data has access assuring all non authorized intrusion thus there.
- Addition of coins file in every folder by a Slipping / to Put down via the rod of the Windows stains simplifying the manipulations of addition thus in every folder.
- Creation of a new folder, suppression or to reappoint by a menu emerging.
For more of details, to surrender on the help of Quickworkbook


Download Quickworkbook v6 (Evaluation) ( Video 1 | Video 2 )


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