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 Code of unlocking (Standard Completes and Assessment)


You are about to unlock your version of Perspective, for it you must be identified like customer having bought a license (standard or complete version).
This client number has been communicated you after passage on our secured server, a copy of this license has been transmitted you by promenade.

Note: You can get a copy of customer's number in your personal space.

Obtaining of the code to unlock definitive:

1) after 30 days of use of your Perspective version, a window asks you to seize the code to unlock your software (as below



2) him the Number of Product of your version is indicated there, this number is unique to this software and is bound to the final code that you must seize in the indicated field.

3) definitive unlocking
To unlock your version of Perspective it is necessary for you to seize the number of product (indicated in blue on this picture) in the form below as well as your Name and your password clientl, you will receive this code by promenade in the minites that follows, code to seize then in the fields Code of unlocking clique on the button to UNLOCK.

In case of problem please transmit us by promenade your Name and Number of product for the obtaining of this code.

The technical service.


  To get the code of unlocking
Name :


Password :
Number of Product:
EMail of the claimant:



Advantage: Gain of time increased efficiency and unlimited use.

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