Quickworkbook (administrator of documents secured).



Quickworkbook is an administrator of document in access secured by password (v6..) powerful and versatile intended to all sectors of activity.
He creates folders organized per year in which one imports all type of documents there. One can modify to consult to withdraw there or to add some documents at will.

The originality of Quickworkbook consists in combining in only one product functionalities of several software of treatment of the data like Outlook Winzip FileZillas and Windows.
Quickworkbook is the combination of five distinct tools, he also permits sends it by Promenade, storage and the transfer of these folders on server FTP (Cloud) in pressed fashion or no (ZIP).
He is to note that a version developed for the sector of the fashion (COLLECTION) is used already..

Language: French | English | Italian

recognized 175 formats of file)
- Format video: (AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV, MOV, RAW..)
- Format picture: (BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, ICO, WMF, RAW…).
- Visionneuse built-in video: (
AVI, 3G2, MPEG, MP4, MPG, WMV..).

Supplementary readers:
- QuickTime, VLC Media Player, Windows Média Player.

Main functions:
• Creation of the folders secured by password (reinforced security, invisible under explorer Windows).

• Creation of the folders secured by password, reinforced security, invisible under explorer Windows (V6).
• Creation of the folders secured by password, reinforced security (Multi - User), invisible under explorer Windows (V6 Pro).
• Office of administration (session admin) of all accesses secured of the users, consultation and modification (login and Promenade) (V6 Pro).
• Recall of the historic daily (procedure automated by Quickworkbook) of the secured spaces created, for consultation (V6 Pro).
• Import of photos, videos and all others formats of file.
• Export of the folders and their under - file, tree similar to the one of Windows
• Compression of the JPGS pictures of 30% to 100% (import and Expedition).
• Expedition of the folders by Email (Archive ZIP or file).
• Module of expedition (thick volume) joined piece> 100MB in an expedition (v2.1..).
• Tool of receipt of the promenades with import of the joined pieces received by Slipping / to Put down (5 limp programmed promenades).
• Fast import of the documents by Drag and Drop of the rod of the tasks windows toward the lists in the tool of management of the workbook.
• Receipt of a folder by Email and integration in Quickworkbook.
• Historic of the last 100 expeditions (Email recipient, Archive or file sent).
• Safeguard and restoration of the historic of the archives of the promenades sent (v2.2...).
• Import and export of the list of the recipients to the format (XLS, CSV).
• Safeguard and restoration of the list of the recipients to the format (XLS, CSV).
• Recall and modification of the archives created (Addition and withdrawal) of file.
• Module of import of the folders created with a previous version of Quickworkbook.
• Extension of the number of project (Document by folder) passes from 499 to 4000.
• Automation of the receipts via Outlook (file or Archive).
• Storage and Désarchivage of the folders per year and by folder..
• Safeguard of the archives on external support (C, D, USB..)
• Management of the folders per year.
• Readers video (automatic Recall).
• Recall of file another one that photos and DOCS videos, EXCEL (recognized 175 formats of file).
• Integration of a tool of transfer of documents on server FTP allowing the user to do the restorations and safeguards on distant server (Protection increased of the data).

- Regrouping of the creations according to criterias individuals example: Year / Customer.
- Easiness of storage by selection of a folder either left from his/her/its content.
- Expedition and receipt of a folder selected.

Management and easiness of access increased of the personal realizations.

Examples types of use of Quickworkbook in view of to centralize and to recall some documents for consultation storage or consistent of project.

Graphiste or infographiste:
Tool permitting to create an unlimited number of folder (multi folder) in which one can regroup the different documents constituting a client project there.
- Documents of information
- Document PSD project and JPG in the case of a graphic creation.
- Accompanied possibly of presentation video.

Administrator or archivist:
Creation of a folder of documents associated to a customer a supplier an artist or a creator in order to centralize all document text, picture or video it concerning.
- Invoices
- Estimate
- Correspondence mail
- Other documents

Photographer or caméraman:
Creation of a folder uniting the documents phots and videos on a topic of survey or for a named customer.
- all documents, photos and videos them concerning.

Stylist or drawer of fashion:
Creation of a folder for every customer or will be regrouped:
- The drawings scannés either achieved with a software of drawing.
- The document of conduct of manufacture project and distribution.
- Documents of correspondence.

Selling price 120 € (To Buy the product)







Creation of a new workbook with Quickworkbook

After the creation of every new folder with Quickworkbook, a group of three (under folders) are created.

The workbook of the photos:
At the time of the recall of every folder, all documents PHOTOS (JPG, BMP..) will be displayed there

After import (Menu -> Import/Export) of the different types of files some either the activity (175 formats recognized), Quickworkbook will be in charge of the distribution of the documents according to his/her/its type in the corresponding folder, permitting his/her/its ordering thus for a research and a recall of every document with a big easiness.

Example of creation of a folder called : Nouvelle collection 2014.


Workbook PHOTO
In the list of right all photos are recalled there (reduced Size) present in this workbook..



Workbook VIDEO
In the list of right all present videos are recalled there in this workbook.



Workbook FILE
In the list of right all ZIP files are recalled there, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, PSD, JPG, AVI, MPG.. (175 format) present in this workbook.





Advantage: Gain of time increased efficiency and unlimited use.

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